Who We Help

For 30 years we've been on a rewarding journey - helping our Canterbury and South Island customers grow their farms and families through the proper management of their most precious resource. Water. Our team specialises in pump and irrigation equipment and parts, installation, servicing and maintenance, ensuring you have water wherever you need it for irrigation, stock and in your milking shed.

Dairy Farming

The cows don't stop, which means neither do we - offering a rapid response service with a smile, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on offering good, old-fashioned customer service, hands-on problem solving and the latest technologies and product innovations to keep your systems running smoothly and reliably day in and day out.

Arable and Pastoral Farming

Having the right irrigation system is one of the best insurance policies against dry spells, and adds massive value to your land. For 30 years we've been on a rewarding journey, helping our customers grow their farms and families through effective water management - and providing you with water where you need it.

Lifestyle Blocks

Poor pressure, lack of purity, or simply not enough water for your needs are common issues facing lifestyle block owners – but it's not unreasonable to expect clean water to flow, at the pressure you want, when you turn the tap on at home. That's where our knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated teams shine: providing exceptional water management and pump products, services and solutions.

As a lifestyle block owner, your needs may include:

  • Consistent supply, good pressure and quality of domestic water
  • Optimal coverage of gardening water
  • Consistent supply and the right equipment for animal stock water
  • Irrigation of pasture, olives, grapes, nuts and other specialty crops

Commercial And Domestic Water Services

When you work in New Zealand's largest irrigation region you learn a thing or two about water management. We pride ourselves on offering good, old-fashioned customer service, vast knowledge and experience, and leading pumping and irrigation solutions at competitive prices.

We can provide expertise and pump, irrigation and related solutions for:


  • Marketing gardening
  • Flowers
  • Horticulture

Recreation grounds

  • Golf Courses
  • Sports grounds
  • Gardens
  • Schools
  • Pony clubs


  • Purity of water
  • Filtering systems
  • Consistency of pressure and supply
  • Garden watering


  • Transport
  • Factories
  • Enzed - Hydraulic hoses