We have over 35 years experience providing Canterbury residents their pumping needs. From deep well submersible pumps for your own bore/well providing farm water, house and irrigation needs, to surface centrifugal pumps, pool & spa pumps, house pumps and tanks capable of providing stock water, farm and residential needs. We custom design and install based on your properties requirements providing an efficient and reliable pumping system with consistent water pressure, utilising the latest smart pump technologies from world leading manufactures like Grundfos, Davies, Lowara, Pedrollo, and more.

Pump Types

Submersible Pump

A submersible pump is installed down your well and designed to be completely submerged pushing the water to the surface providing an independent water supply in areas not connected to council water supplies for example. Most lifestyle blocks will require their own well and pump or will be connected to a neighbours system they have covenant access to.

Submersible pumps are sized to your requirements and are now even available in smart variable speed designs such as the Grundfos SQE range which has the ability to provide consistent water pressure to all outlets in the home plus irrigate your lifestyle block through a k-line pod system for example without the need for a surface pump or water storage tanks.


  • no priming required -pump is already immersed in water
  • little to no maintenance, pump is completely watertight so maintenance very low
  • very efficient in power usage - does not require power to suck water as a centrifugal pump so pressure remains more constant and power usage reduced.
  • 'smart' submersibles now available without the need for a surface pump to provide constant pressure to all outlets - pump automatically speeds up or slows down depending on requirement.


  • must be submerged to cool down (use of water probes to cut pump off automatically should water level drop to save pump burning out will negate this issue)
  • one size does not suit every application - Think water can help you make the best choice here!
  • in the event of a failure due to a rupture or corrosion difficult to assess before damage already done, generally would result in replacement required.
  • cost - initially higher than surface pumps but more efficient and often only choice if water table below 8 meters from surface - can pump from over 200m below the surface whereas a centrifugal pump will struggle at levels below 6-8m

Centrifugal Surface Pump

These are your most popular pump type situated typically in a pump shed next to the water tank. Fed from a water storage tank ("positive suction") they operate as required via a pressure tank or a fitted intelligent pump controller as you operate a outlet (tap, shower, toilet etc) in your home or farm to provide pressurised water. Modern 'smart' options of centrifugal pumps now over variable speed motors like the submersible options which have the feature of providing constant pressure - no hot/cold fluations in the shower when someone turns on a tap!

Centrifugal pumps are commonly used for pumping water, solvents, organics, oils, and any ‘thin’ liquids in both industrial, agricultural and domestic applications. Most common pumps on lifestyle and residential applications use single phase 240volt motors using a standard 3 pin plug where as most submersible motors or large surface pumps are 3 phase models requiring hard wiring into a circuit board.


  • small in size and space saving, new technology in variable speed options providing constant pressure
  • easy to operate and maintain
  • flow rates easily adjustable with a valve on the discharge side
  • genuinely quiet running
  • relatively in-expensive for residential settings


  • not self priming - must be primed to begin pumping
  • flow rate dependent on inlet pressure
  • can cavitate due to low inlet pressure
  • low flow can cause overheating

Septic Tank/Sump Pump

A septic tank pump often refers to a submersible water pump that is installed either in the final chamber of a septic tank or in a separate pump sump after the septic tank. A septic tank pump is a small electrical water pump that can be submerged in wastewater connected to your standard 240V power supply.. A float switch will turn the pump on and off as the chamber fills with water. A small impeller in the pump spins when the pump is on which then pushed the water up through the pipework the pump is connected to.

Depending on the tank type most common is a high pressure, low flow type pump which then transfers this liquid through a dripper pipeline under your lawn, nearby paddock, tree line etc. There are a range of models available dependent on your septic tank system so please discuss this with the team to ensure you receive the right pump for the job.


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