Solid Set (Fixed Grid) Irrigation

Solid set (or Fixed Grid) irrigation involves installing above ground sprinklers on posts in a grid pattern. This type of system is usually installed in hard to irrigate areas like pivot corners, irregular shaped blocks or areas that have specific site characteristics that make others forms of irrigation unworkable (i.e. protected trees).

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Maximize Coverage and Water Use

Solid Set irrigation can be designed and installed into irregular shaped areas meaning you can maximize the irrigated area and available water.

Experience in Design and Installation

Think Water has been designing and installing solid set irrigation systems for 20 years. This experience has taught us how to choose the best sprinkler layout and spacing and most efficient methods of installation to make sure the system is designed and installed effectively for our clients.

Pros and Cons of Solid Set Irrigation

Low labour requirement. Solid Set irrigation requires little or no labour input to operate the system. A fully automated system can be operated via the internet on a mobile device, PC or laptop. A manual system would require the operator to only open a valve and run for a period of time to achieve the desired application rate.

Solid set systems can be affected by wind and is not always suited to certain farming operations. Please contact Think Water for an on-site consultation to see if solid set irrigation is right for your property.

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